Salon Suites

The Salon Suites El Paso offers beauty professionals the freedom to own their own business without the large upfront costs and risks associated with building and running a salon. You’ll no longer have to split your income with the salon. You keep 100% of the revenue you receive from your clients. As a business owner, you’ll enjoy additional benefits like deducting other expenses unlike working for an employer and pride in ownership.

About Our Suites

Every Salon Suite El Paso includes private spacious suites that are well furnished with quality amenities and essential salon equipment for different specialties of health and beauty professionals, ranging from hair stylists to nail technicians, massage therapists, and skin treatment experts. (Suites do not include facial equipment)  

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Suite Amenities

State-of-the-art shampoo stations, styling chair with full size mirror, sink and storage, countertop and 24 hour security access with plenty of parking. All utilities included- Electricity, water, heating, a/c and Wi-Fi.

Your Own Business!

An independent contractor is responsible for buying their own supplies, managing their books, tracking their own inventory, managing their own schedules, paying their own business taxes, advertising and marketing their business.

Sell Products!

You’ll now be able to sell whatever products you choose and keep all the profits!

Happy Clients

My Salon Suite El Paso affords me the opportunity to meet with my clients on my schedule in the comfort of a space I have made my own. - Jennifer


Mesa Hills

Salon Suites on Pellicano

12240 Pellicano, El Paso, Texas 79936

Salon Suites on Mesa Hills

690 S. Mesa Hills, El Paso, Texas 79912

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